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With a Diploma in both Beauty Therapy and in Specialist Makeup; Claudia has a profound knowledge of dermatology, cosmetic treatments, and remedial therapy as well as a keen artistic talent. Her SMP training was completed with the Vinci Hair Clinic and she has since branched out to owning her own business in the industry.

Claudia exceeds herself in providing the upmost customer comfortability and possesses a genuine sensitivity to her client’s needs and concerns. Much of the hundreds of clients she has treated through SMP; have described Claudia as doubling as their psychologist.

Over the course of her life, Claudia has fine tuned her artistic ability, focusing particularly on capturing realism in her works. This kind of attention to detail can be seen throughout her cosmetic tattooing style.

With a background in professional makeup, Claudia ties in her understanding of facial proportions and symmetry with her exceptional fine motoring skills to create the perfect result on every client. She strives for a tailored, balanced, and extremely natural looking result which will ultimately be undetectable as being superficial.

Claudia takes into consideration that real hair follicles don’t grow naturally in perfect uniform directions. In respect of this, she takes her time to fully replicate the distinctions of your specific hair pattern and includes the odd imperfection where needed. This artistic and non robotic approach replicates authentic hair growth and ensures a customised look to suit each individual client.

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