Scalp Micropigmentation
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What is SMP?

The process of Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced form of ‘micro tattooing’ or cosmetic tattooing. The treatment is performed by a highly skilled practitioner who delivers thousands of small hair follicle sized ink dots to the skin of the scalp. The technique creates the look of hair follicles on the scalp in areas that previously had low density hair or no hair at all. The final result mimics the look of genuine shaved hair, and can be undetectable to the naked eye if the treatment is carried out by the right practitioner. This is why is it important for potential clients to complete their research on a practitioner who has great attention to detail, and a profound artistic ability in achieving realism.

Scalp Micropigmentation


  • No down time after treatment.
  • SMP works for all types of baldness.
  • Easily maintained and topped up should further hair-loss occur.
  • Natural results, even under close scrutiny.
  • SMP does not harm the existing hair.
  • SMP can be used to correct hair transplant and medical scarring.
  • Inexpensive in comparison to hair transplants and hair systems.
  • Even whilst the SMP pigment is durable, it is reversible with laser removal treatment.
  • Creates the illusion of hair follicles and the structure of a new hairline, balancing the facial proportions.
  • Results are immediately visible, improving with each subsequent session
  • SMP has no adverse health effects

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Client Feedback

“Claudia immediately made me feel at ease and was very conscious of my reservations. I never felt rushed, judged, or even the effects of impatience. Instead I was brought along a journey which now I reflect on being part of rebuilding who I am. At times it even felt as if she was not only my technician but my therapist as well.”


“Claudia is so talented and a real artist. My SMP is so real and perfect; I can’t be happier. Everyone is amazed when they look at me. Thank you so much for changing my life.”


“My head looks fantastic. People at work were looking at it but were unable to tell that it is a tattoo. Friends of mine actually rubbed my head. I am telling everyone that I bought this new electric shaver which gives me a closer shave. Claudia has been fantastic with this whole process, I love what she has done to my bald head. Thank you Claudia, you are one of the best in the industry in my opinion.”